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New CABKA-IPS Pallet Range Revealed

Thirty one extra plastic pallets available in the UK only through will be revealed over the next few months as the company launches its new CABKA-IPS pallet range.

Kicking off the launch are the CABKA-IPS 878 PO and CABKA-IPS 888 PO – two plastic pallets that have proven hugely popular with pharmaceutical giants in Europe, due to their superb strength and rigidity, hygienic characteristics and suitability to carry large loads of product right through the logistics process from start to finish.

Wooden pallets cannot be used in cleanroom environments for sanitary reasons and are subject to stringent ISPM15 heat treatment regulations for exporting between certain countries. The CABKA-IPS 878 PO and CABKA-IPS 888 PO can be loaded directly into white production areas for shipping overseas in one smooth and simple process, as they are resistant to insects, dust and bacterial contaminants and are completely exempt from ISPM15 regulations.

CPP888For Belgian pharmaceutical conglomerate Merck, eliminating wooden pallets from its logistics operation and introducing the CABKA-IPS 878 PO has allowed the company to achieve a cleaner, smoother and more economical production line.

Jan Baert, Warehouse Manager at one of Merck’s production facilities said: “We can now load the shipping pallet directly onto the hygiene-sensitive production line. That lightens the operating budget.”

It is not just operational budget savings companies can make. As the pallets are manufactured from recycled polyolefin (PO), they come with a very competitive price tag. For those requiring long term use, they are also available in recycled polyethylene (PE). Whichever the material of choice, the recycled pallets offer great environmental appeal as at the end of their working life they can be reground to produce other lower grade plastic products.

Choosing between the CABKA-IPS 878 PO and CABKA-IPS 888 PO comes down to application load.

The CABKA-IPS 878 PO is a medium duty, open deck, non perimeter pallet with an extraordinary weight-load capacity ratio – capable of carrying a dynamic load of 2500kg and 500kg in racking. Despite its strength the pallet only weighs 13kg, so is easily handled and ideal for export consignments.

The CABKA-IPS 888 PO is a heavier, open deck, non perimeter pallet weighing in at 21kg, but is able to carry double the load of the 878 in racking and 3500kg in transit.

Both pallets come in black on three runners and measure 1200mm (L) x 800mm (W). Options include a 7mm safety rim and printing for personalisation.

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