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Creating cost efficiencies in a closed loop

In a closed loop, plastic pallets improve a company’s financial health as well as contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment. The UK’s fastest-growing plastic pallet company,, are increasing their range of highly durable pallets to satisfy demand for products that offer a serious return on investment.

The economic argument is undoubtedly persuasive. Advanced new plastics are increasingly light in weight but have the added strength of being made in a single mould, giving plastic a life span of ten to fifteen years in a tough closed loop environment. Meanwhile, wooden pallets weakened through everyday use, weathering and overloading, last just eighteen months on average.

Jim Hardisty, managing director of, says: “The idea that the cost of plastic pallets is prohibitive is a common misconception.”

His confidence in the benefits of plastic has led him to form an important alliance with top Belgian manufacturer Innova Packaging Systems to increase the company’s 50-strong product range and the new venture has already resulted in the launch of several key products. .

The first of these is the superbly strong 800 x 600 mm half-euro pallet designed to withstand prolonged and repeated heavy use and has been welcomed by the retail food sector

A new 1200 x 1000 mm heavy-duty pool pallet has been developed in a one-piece design and will be available with an open or closed top deck. The pallet is available in a range of colours and, as with any product from, pallets can be personalised with a company logo.

The eagerly awaited euro-sized pallet for medium-weight applications is also available. Following in the wake of the highly successful APB1210 M5R and the new APB1208 M3R, the euro pallet will be produced in two materials – one highly durable for long-term use and the other suitable for a single, one-way trip. Both pallets weigh-in at around 12kg.

“Hygiene fears have played a large part in the move to plastic products,” says Hardisty, “many businesses operating closed loop operations are in the food sector, including caterers and primary producers and many have switched to plastic pallets to reduce the risk of contamination.”

A rise in demand for easy-to-clean plastic products and the company’s award-winning customer service, has also led to expanding its warehousing to ensure that 99% of orders can be delivered immediately from stock.

Managing Director Jim Hardisty says: “Growth has been phenomenal because businesses are really starting to see the benefits of plastic. Customers who tentatively decide to order a few pallets ‘as a trial’ are quick to return. The introduction of innovative new designs and greater warehouse facilities means we can provide an even better service.”

“Many customers are surprised at the diversity of our range and the competitive price,” adds Hardisty. “And, once they’ve seen the benefits for themselves, they don’t go back.”

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