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Eco-conscious Pallet Company’s Initiative Demonstrates the Life-Cycle of Sustainable Pallets

The Sussex-based plastic pallet company has released further insights into its trailblazing mission to reduce plastic waste, having already recycled 760 tonnes of plastic that would otherwise be destined for landfill. stocks the largest range of plastic pallets, pallet boxes and small containers in the UK. Mindful of the environmental impact of plastic, the company focuses on reducing plastic waste by taking responsibility for the recycling of the pallets and boxes it supplies. This sustainable approach means that the company’s plastic pallets are a viable, sustainable and durable alternative to traditional timber versions.

Plastic pollution statistics show an ongoing need for sufficient recycling streams; global modelling shows an exponential growth in plastics destined for aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems by the year 2040, unless we take action1. has removed the burden of responsibility from buyers by taking control of the process, supplying pallets manufactured from used pallets and delivering them to the buyer. At the end of the pallet’s life, resumes its responsibility for the product, sending it to its recycling partner, where it is recycled and the process begins again. This creates a closed manufacturing loop, an initiative they are now sharing with purchasers.

96% of the company’s plastic pallets are made from recycled materials and are durable, hygienic and long-lasting.’s vision is to alter perceptions of plastic and educate potential buyers as to the benefits of opting for recycled and sustainable plastic products. Misconceptions surrounding the use of plastic have arisen from confusion about the use of single-use plastic items, such as food wrapping and disposable products. Plastic that is recycled and recyclable is not a danger to the environment and is, in fact, stronger, longer-lasting and more hygienic than wood, able to withstand repeated use and protect products from moisture and damage. has added an educational Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) section to their existing website, revealing the company’s innovative processes and sustainable policies with the aim of educating purchasers into opting for ethical, environmentally friendly and financially viable products.

Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of says: “The unrivalled strength and durability of plastic is often overlooked as people are confused by messages about single-use plastics, applying them to all plastic products. This leads them to overlook the option of using plastic products sustainably with an eco-conscious focus. Our website now offers a wealth of detail about the process, from the manufacture of the initial pallet through to it being recycled into another pallet. We aim to have recycled 2000 tonnes of plastic pallets by 2025 and are understandably proud of our commitment as The Responsible Plastic Pallet Company. We are thrilled to be sharing some insights with both our existing and potential customers.”

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