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Immediate logistics solutions, whilst saving money & the planet

It’s time to switch to plastic pallets!

Need a reliable logistics solution now?

Plastic pallets are available now and can be with you the next day. Not only that, they are durable and long lasting!

Worried about your bottom line?

Wood is expensive! Timber shortages mean that new wooden pallets cost as much as £25! This means that switching to plastic pallets could actually save you money!

Concerned about your business’s impact on the planet?

Our plastic pallets are made from recycled plastic. We also take responsibility for all of the products we supply and ensure that they are recycled at the end of their long life as part of a closed loop manufacturing process. There is also plenty of plastic in the world, unlike wood!

Switch to plastic pallets


The Benefits of Plastic Pallets:

✔ ISPM15 exempt
✔ Long lasting & durable
✔ Space saving when stacked
✔ Easy to wash and keep clean
✔ Impervious to moisture, keeps product clean and dry
✔ Environmentally friendly made from recycled plastic
✔ Available for immediate delivery

Get the most from your returnable transit packaging. Browse a selection below of low cost plastic pallets that are available online in small quantity purchases.

For all bulk orders, please talk to us today by calling +44 (0)1323 744057, emailing or using the chat function on our website.


NEW Cabka-IPS CPP 790 PE 9F

NEW Cabka-IPS CPP 110 PE 9F

APB 1208 LSO 9F

Strong, Euro Size & Nestable Strong, Lightweight & Nestable Lightweight, Euro Size & Nestable
As low as: £8.80 As low as: £10.60 As low as: £11.90


APB 1210 LSO 9F

Qpall 1140 L 9F

Qpall 1212 L 9F

Long Life, Open Deck & Nestable Lightweight, Square & Nestable Square, Lightweight & Nestable
As low as: £13.50 As low as: £19.50 As low as: £20.90