Case Studies Latest News sets the standard for pallets in the European beverage industry

The beverage industry benefits from the customised pallet solutions has to offer. The CABKA-IPS, BPPi9 (Beverage Pool Pallet), a solid and strong (1200 x 1000mm) pallet manufactured with gas-assist low pressure injection technology, has been been exclusively developed for the beverage industry. Internal cavities ensure the pallets are not only particularly rigid, but also lighter.

The BPP i9’s anti-slip strips and grommets ensure firm and safe handling of beverage containers and, because of its integrated reinforcement profiles and the anti-slip strips on the top deck, this versatile industrial pallet is ideal for handling heavy loads (dynamic loads up to 1,500kg and a static load of 7,000kg).

Extra wide openings between blocks make the pallets particularly easy to handle and protect them from damage. The BPP i9 comes on six runners as standard and can hold an impressive 1,500kg in high racking systems.

The BPP i9 was developed for the Dutch Dranken Pallet Beheer (DPB) pallet pool, which is already successfully putting 400,000 of them to use. The BPP i9 (polyethylene) pallets are particularly environmentally friendly because they use 100 per cent recycled plastic and are themselves completely recyclable.

Used by international brewing companies worldwide, the Cabka-IPS Keg S9 plastic (1210 x 1110mm) pallet has been developed to accomodate 50 litre kegs, with eight kegs fitting on a single pallet. The Keg S9 is also manufactured using gas-assist technology, making it extremely strong and durable despite its low weight.

Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of, said: “Both pallets provide ideal solutions for safe beverage handling in automated systems, when being moved by forklifts or in high-rack storage systems.”

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