Latest News’s new smart container is perfect for automation

The UK’s leading supplier of plastic pallets, pallet boxes, and containers,, is adding a new plastic container, perfect for e-commerce automation, to its impressive range.

From Thursday 1st September, customers will be able to order the GoSmartEuro container, a sleek, smooth-sided container with a reinforced solid base available in 600x400mm, 400x300mm and 300x200mm footprints and four different heights from 120mm to 405mm.

This strong and stackable container is perfect for ASRS applications and has been optimised for quiet running on conveyor systems. The side walls and radiused corner profiles are well designed and strong at the base and top of the container. This allows for automated handling systems to contact the containers consistently for smooth flow and travel through e-commerce networks.

The reinforced base has a ribbed lattice design creating an extremely strong container, minimising any potential deflection in long-term storage. The containers are manufactured in Grey Polypropylene which is 100% recyclable at the end of a long service life.

There are two additional options for base configuration, depending on the weight load in the containers and the type of storage system of the ASRS location. Water drainage holes can also be specified if required.

The GoSmartEuro has specific areas for attaching permanent or semi-permanent labels or bar code identification on all four sides of the container. RFID or GPS tags can also be accommodated in protected areas.

The GoSmartEuro can also be used in non-automated applications in the supply chain. It stacks securely and the footprint of the containers create a modular system that will fit equally effectively in standard UK 1200x1000mm pallets or Euro pallets. Lids are available if required to protect the contents in transit.

Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of, said, “The pandemic has driven a demand for faster online deliveries. In response, many retailers have turned to automation in their distribution centres to help fulfil these orders.

“We are excited to offer our GoSmartEuro containers to the UK market because they provide the perfect lightweight, stable, and robust solution for businesses looking to maximise throughput in their operations.

“We are ready to take orders and can deliver these new containers quickly throughout the UK from early September.”

Visitors to September’s IMHX exhibition will get one of the first looks at the GoSmartEuro containers as showcases these exciting new products at the event in Birmingham from 6th to 8th September.
If you would like to find out more or arrange a meeting to discover how these containers can fit into your automated system, please get in touch with the experts at You can call 01323 744057, email, or use the chat function at