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No wait, foldable crates

Place your order one day and receive it the next might sound too good to be true, but this is exactly the swift, reliable service customers can expect to receive when ordering from’s range of returnable transit packaging (RTP).

It’s not just small orders can fulfil quickly either. A leading UK supplier of fresh and dry ingredients has recently placed its second order of 10,000 foldable plastic crates having previously experienced the company’s flexible and personalised service and efficient delivery from stock.

Customers in the food service industry looking to reduce waste, lower transportation costs and keep produce fresh during transit, should look no further than’s GoBox 2500 CL – one of the company’s foldable crates that is available for next day delivery to UK destinations.

The GoBox 2500 CL has a unique latch beneath its handle that locks the crate’s side walls securely in place offering 40 litres of storage space, but when lifted, the latch collapses the box virtually flat to a height of 52mm, allowing customers to optimise vehicle fill and reduce return journey fuel bills. For instance, a standard truck can hold up to 7,788 flat-packed crates – 33 stacks of 236 crates per pallet – ensuring minimal wastage space in transit.

In packing areas, the crate’s clever latch system can help reduce noise pollution as it makes virtually no sound when erected or folded down, unlike other foldable box designs. Label holders at each end of the crate also provide clear barcode visibility for recording stock.

On the shop floor, the crate’s distinctive green colour looks attractive and its ergonomic design with built-in handholes and standard size – measuring 600mm (L) x 400mm (W) x 221mm (H) – fits easily into retail storage systems.

One of the overarching benefits of the GoBox 2500 CL for retail customers is its ability to keep produce fresh during transportation and storage. When fruit and vegetables are harvested they can deteriorate very quickly unless they are kept well ventilated. Where cardboard and solid wood or plastic crates prevent air from circulating, the perforated design of the GoBox 2500 CL allows positive airflow keeping produce cool and preserving their condition from the farm to the retailer.

Although using the GoBox 2500 CL requires a higher initial investment than single trip cardboard packaging, its durable, washable design means that it can be reused repeatedly thus providing a long life transit solution, which in time will generate a good return on investment.

Choosing the GoBox 2500 CL is also an excellent decision on environmental grounds. Since fresh produce can be placed directly into the crates without being pre-bagged or paper-wrapped, retail customers can significantly reduce packaging waste.

Optional features include corporate personalisation with a logo moulded on both sides of the crate; RFID location points at the ends and sides of the crate; and a variety of different single colour and two-colour options. A version is also available with solid walls.

To arrange a demonstration of our GoBox 2500 CL, call us on 01323 744057 or email us at