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Plastic Pallets streamlines automation systems for major high street department store

As you’d expect from the plastic pallet experts, we have worked with a plethora of well known high street retailers. They come to us because they know that we have the knowledge and experience to create solutions to streamline their logistics, automation and storage operations.

We worked with a major high street department store to improve the efficiency of their Knapp automated store and retrieval system at their distribution centre.

The distribution centre is key to fulfilling all online orders as well as lining the shelves of their 300+ stores.

We recommended the APB 1210 Pool plastic pallet, which works perfectly with their automation system. This is a full perimeter plastic pallet has a high dynamic load rating of 2500kgs and for this application a rack load capacity of 1250kgs with very minimal deflection when under load. The well designed runners ensure that the pallet can run consistently down the conveyor lines making storage and retrieval of the pallet a simple process.

The APB 1210 Pool plastic pallet is incredibly strong and long lasting, making it ideal for repeated use in a high pressure, working environment like this. Where a pallet needs to be structurally consistent in order for the pallet to function correctly in the automated system.

Each pallet has four bar code labels added post production, allowing for easy identification of the products it’s carrying. The pallet can be “seen and read” quickly and easily by the sensors inherent in the automation so minimising intervention by system operators when the pallets are in use.

The plastic pallet is also made from recycled materials, so our customer knows that whilst their automation processes are improved, they are also being environmentally responsible too.

With 24,000 pallets used in their system, this was no small project but after 5 years everything is still working as if it were day one. The pallets are structurally intact and still retain the tolerances and dimensions that they did the first time that they ran down the conveyor fully loaded with products.

Watch the APB 1210 Pool Plastic Pallet in action!

The APB 1210 Pool Plastic Pallet

Download Data Sheet

Style: Heavy Duty
Size (mm): 1200mm x 1000mm
Height (mm): 160
Weight (kg): 21.0000
Colour: Black
Made of Recycled Plastic: Yes
Material: Recycled PP, also available in Virgin Material
Deck: Semi Open
Dynamic (kg): 2,500
Static (kg): 5,000
Racking (kg): 1,250
Number of units in a stack: 15
Trailer/ truck qty: 390
Available With Lips: Yes
Available Without Lips: Yes

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