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Pushing the boundaries of automation with plastic pallets

How will ecommerce growth push the boundaries of automation?

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, ecommerce has seen huge growth. As shoppers abandon the high street for the electronic super highway, ecommerce in the UK is now worth an estimated £205 billion. That’s an increase of almost 11% compared to 2019!

Retailers are now changing their business models, to strengthen their online proposition.

Marks and Spencer is a prime example of this, announcing last week that they are going to create new jobs in online fulfilment and a new ambient food warehouse.

“Online sales of clothing and home goods rose by about a third, highlighting the rapid shift in consumer behaviour, and now account for two-fifths of the total sales against about 22% before the pandemic.” as reported in the FT.

Retailers have recognised the need to adopt automation in their operations – in both warehouses and for distribution – and increase their capabilities. This in turn is pushing the design boundaries not only of the automation systems but the storage platform used to handle and dispatch more orders, faster!

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Plastic Pallets, Boxes & Containers in Automation

The following products are used in automation within the retail sector. You can browse more examples of our ‘products in motion’ here.

Euro E7 – Your wooden EPAL pallet replacement!

The Euro E7 plastic pallet has the exact dimensions of a standard wooden EPAL pallet so it can be easily integrated into automated systems that have already been customised for wooden pallets. It can run in a conveyor system parallel to existing wooden pallets too. With 3 runners and steel bars in the deck for enhanced strength and stability – even with the heaviest loads. Designed specifically for large retail or automation applications. Request a quote

APB 1210 Pool Open 5R Blue – A best seller!

One of our best sellers and the industry standard pallet for closed loops. A very strong, long lasting plastic pool pallet, suitable for repeated use. Perforated for ventilation and easy cleaning. Made from Recycled HDPE plastic. Request a quote

RL-KLT 6280 – Ideal for rigorous applications

The RL-KLT 6280 is incredibly strong and durable. As such it is ideal for rigorous industrial applications. Take a look at our range of plastic RL-KLT containers. Other colours are available, subject to order quantity. We can also print these boxes with your logo or identification codes on-site. Request a quote