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Range extended with KLT containers has added to its extensive range of plastic boxes with KLT containers.

The KLT range is a modular family of containers designed to meet the demands of automated logistics and materials handling systems.Manufactured to VDA standards approved in Europe by the automotive industry, the containers are most widely used in the production and distribution of car components.

KLT4147-150x150Russell Smith, business development manager for, commented: “Although KLT containers are most common in the automotive sector, their rigidity and durability means they’re suitable for all types of light and heavy-duty industrial applications – as part of a large supply pool or for use by individual companies.” Durable and robust,’s KLT containers are available in five different dimensions, the smallest measuring 300 (L) x 200 (W) x 147mm (H) and the largest 600 (L) x 400 (W) x 280mm (H), and with three different lids.

KLT6280-150x150The KLT containers’ consistent dimensions mean they can be easily and securely stacked in different combinations or on a pallet in a group for bulk distribution. For example, four of the smallest KLT containers or two of the mediumsized KLT containers can be stacked securely on top of one of the largest KLT containers, as their combined surface area is the same.

Manufactured in Polypropylene (PP), the KLT containers consist of a double wall construction offering superior strength and rigidity.

Ergonomically designed handles at both ends of the container assist operatives in manual handling and built-in label holders allow users to number or code the containers for easy identification.