The Benefits of Plastic Pallets within the Food and Drinks Industry

Plastic pallets are replacing their wooden counterpart within logistics and automation across all sectors and industries.

One industry that sees massive benefits from using plastic pallets is the food and drinks industry.

But what are the benefits of using plastic pallets? And how do these specifically apply to the food and drinks industry?

We have compiled our Top 10 benefits of plastic pallets for the food and drinks industry.

1. Plastic Pallets are Hygienic

Plastic pallets are more hygienic than wooden pallets because by nature of being plastic, they can be designed to meet stringent hygiene requirements through use of virgin or food-grade recycled plastic.

Plastic pallets are impermeable to liquids, dirt, odour and other substances. This means that unlike wooden pallets, they are the ideal solution for the transportation and storage of food and drinks by eliminating any potential risks of cross contamination.

2. Easy to Clean

Because they are made from plastic, which is non-porous, plastic pallets are easy to clean unlike wooden pallets. Substances can’t collect and then permeate the plastic, so they can easily be washed down and disinfected for re-use over and over again.

3. Strength & Durability

Plastic pallets are incredibly durable, which means that they can be used repeatedly without breaking. They are incredibly strong, which makes carrying heavy drinks and food, light work.

Unlike wooden pallets, they don’t splinter or have nails that could tear through food or drinks packages or injure operatives.

4. Cost Saving

It is no secret that plastic lasts a long time. But it is this attribute, which ensures the long life span of plastic pallets and therefore cost savings to you. Plastic pallets last for around 10 years, but in just five years you could save as much as £189,000 when using plastic pallets instead of wooden pallets.

5. Weight

Plastic pallets are generally lighter in weight than wooden pallets, which makes them easier to handle both manually and use with equipment like forklifts and automation systems. This is especially useful when they are stacked with drinks.

6. ISPM15 Exempt

Plastic pallets are ideal for export consignments as they are completely exempt from the ISPM15 regulations now in place in over 85 countries. ISPM15 states that all exporters within these countries must ensure that any wooden packaging used to export goods must be heat treated, stamped and certified before shipping.

This means that being made of plastic, plastic pallets are exempt from this regulation and as such when importing and exporting food and drinks using plastic pallets this regulation does not need to be considered.

7. Streamlining Automation

Plastic pallets provide accurate, consistent and long-lasting plastic returnable transit packaging solutions.

One of the most common causes of disruption in automation handling systems is the use of wooden pallets which jam, break and splinter inside equipment. This can cause lengthy delays and huge costs for businesses.

Plastic pallets can be designed for specific purposes and use within automated warehouse or production lines and can streamline processes.

8. Customisation

Plastic pallets can be customised. Not only can plastic pallets be branded with your logo, but you can also choose from a range of colours to match your company.

Plastic pallets can be fully customised to fit your application and requirements too. Custom made plastic pallets are manufactured using state-of-the-art moulding equipment; something that cannot be achieved with wooden pallets.

9. Space Saving Features

Plastic pallets, especially nestable pallets, offer space saving opportunities in both the warehousing and in transit of food and drinks. This means fewer journeys, reduced fuel bill and a lower carbon footprint.

10. Environmentally Friendly

Plastic pallets are more environmentally friendly than wooden pallets. Operating in a closed loop cycle, old plastic pallets are taken away, ground into pellets and used to make new plastic pallets that last for years. is leading the way when it comes to recycling plastic pallets and boxes in the UK. In fact we have pioneered an industry first for our sector by committing to recycling each and every plastic pallet and box we supply to our customers.

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