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The Beverage Plastic Pallet Specialists

The 2020 Food and Drink Industry Report have cited sustainable packaging and automation in production as the two areas for focus and development.

We here at Goplasticpallets know this only too well and with sole UK distribution rights to a number of specialist beverage pallets, designed by our manufacturing partner CABKA_IPS, we can help drinks manufacturers be more sustainable whilst also speeding up production.

Here are just a handful of the solutions we have provided to the beverage industry.

Major Dutch breweries switch to plastic

Eight years ago, Dranken Pallet Beheer (DPB) – a jointly operated pallet pool of Dutch breweries and beverage manufacturers switched to using our heavy duty BPPI9 beverage pool pallet as a more durable, hygienic and long-life alternative to its existing wooden pallets.

Previously DPB had more than 800,000 wooden pallets in circulation, but heavy handling was causing the pallets to chip and splinter and the slightest exposure to moisture was resulting in mould growth, leading to costly repairs and high disposal costs.

In 2012, DPB ordered 400,000 of the beverage pool pallets which have been successfully used by Heineken, Bavaria, Grolsch, Inbev and Vrumona to ship a variety of beverage products to retail outlets including crates of beer, spirits and conserves.

Still going strong 8 years on!

Edrington is another great example of the longevity of our reusable plastic pallets. In 2012 the international premium spirits company approached us looking for a durable plastic pallet capable of shipping approximately 5 million cases of whisky each year!

Edrington had grown increasingly disgruntled with its wooden pallets that were incapable of withstanding its tough manufacturing environment, which involves a high level of automation – after all each pallet can carry £60,000 worth of spirits.

Since ordering 1,400 of our APB 1210 Pool Perforated 5R pallets Edrington has not looked back. Chris Hendry, Procurement Manager at Edrington said: “The pallets and solution we were supplied by have been fantastic and offer so many improvements over wood, durability being just one of the benefits. We’re over the moon with their performance.”

Customised keg pallet for Heineken

About five years ago, Heineken were using wooden pallets to transport their 50 litre kegs around the Netherlands. After suffering recurrent setbacks, such as the wood breaking during automation causing a halt to the production line, they decided enough was enough.

Our manufacturing partner CABKA_IPS, who specialises in creating customised solutions proposed a plastic pallet that featured centre rings to keep the kegs in position – and the Keg S9 OD-6R pallet was born.