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The Ultimate Sleeve Packs

The CabCube© 2.0 and 3.0 are multi-purpose, folding large containers with a huge storage capacity.

Made specifically for the automotive industry, these innovative sleeve packs make light work of the storage and distribution of large volume goods safely and cost-effectively.

CabCube 2.0© CabCube 3.0©
Size: 1210mm x 1010mm Size: 1235mm x 830mm
Height: 990mm Height: 954mm
Volume: 875 litres Volume: 722 litres
Weight: 39kg Weight: 37kg
Feet: Available on 9 feet. Feet: Available on 4 or 9 feet or with 3 runners.
Features: Customised sleeve heights and door configuration available. Features: Handles, snap-in sleeve and hooks for ergonomic handling.

Longitudinal steel reinforcement option.


With its intelligent product design by CABKA-IPS, the CabCube® 2.0 and 3.0 foldable large containers can be used many times over. They are designed to minimise the ecological footprint and CO2 emissions in transport and logistics.

Both versions have close fitting ‘drop on’ lids with two strong textile handles for easy lifting on and off. The base and lids are pressure injected using recycled materials, which give a stronger, robust and more durable product than normal sleeve packs.

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