Latest News launches new low-cost dispatch pallet with green credentials

Using pallets is the most effective way to pick and dispatch goods and packages to fulfilment centres, but not any pallet will do. Performing this important task requires a strong, reliable pallet capable of performing multiple trips – and for the environmentally-conscious, a pallet that can be recycled at the end of its lifespan.

End of life is important, but – The Responsible Plastic Pallet Company has launched a new low-cost dispatch pallet that has green credentials right from day one; it is not only reusable and recyclable but actually made from recycled polyethylene (PE).

The new CPP 110 PE 9F plastic dispatch pallet, manufactured by CABKA-IPS and exclusive to in the UK, is an improved version of an earlier model which comes with a number of enhanced features.

Order picking direct to a pallet needs a strong, reliable loading platform and the new dispatch pallet offers just that. Weighing just 6kg its low weight means it is easy to handle manually but the offset lattice on the upper deck makes it extremely robust offering a dynamic load capacity of 1200kgs – 200kg more than its predecessor.

Measuring 1200mm (L) x 1000mm (W) x 140mm (H) its low profile height is comparable to that of a traditional wooden pallet but has none of the inherent safety issues, such as nails, splinters and loose component parts that can cause injury to operatives.

The new CPP 110 PE 9F plastic dispatch pallet comes on nine feet as standard with wide fork openings for easy 4-way entry but can be fitted with three runners lengthways to enable it to move through automation, like roller conveyors. This means that orders can be picked, packed and dispatched seamlessly on the same pallet.

Another key benefit of the new dispatch pallet is that it nests, saving considerable space in storage and transit. When empty it nests at a height of just 40mm with the possibility of stacking up to 56 pallets high. This means a standard 40ft curtain side truck can hold up to 1456 pallets in total – over 10 percent more than our previous model.

Like all plastic pallets, the new CPP 110 PE 9F dispatch pallet is completely exempt from ISPM15 heat treatment requirements, making it a reliable choice for export consignments.

And, at the end of their working life, we promise to collect back and recycle all of our customers plastic pallets – regardless of whether we supplied them – through our plastic pallet recycling scheme.

We are currently holding large stocks of our new CPP 110 PE 9F plastic dispatch pallet, which are available for immediate delivery within the UK. Call our plastic pallet experts on 01323 744057 to find out more or email your enquiry to