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Two-Colour Crates Make Stacking and Storing Easier Than Ever

Bi-colour crates are the latest addition to the website, highlighting how ingenious design can simplify storage handling.

The GoS&N range makes it easy to identify how to stack and store loads. By placing them one way they nest, the other way they stack on each other. The simplicity of matching and alternating the colours makes for instinctive use. The crates, which have proved especially popular in the food industry, also have a special interlocking function to make them very stable in transit when stacked filled with product, unlike a bale arm crate. This guarantees a clear storage space within the crate, reducing product damage and loss.

By placing the bi-colour crates one way they nest, the other way they stack on each other

Jim Hardisty, Managing Director at said: “When a storage solution gives this level of ease of use, the entire handling process is made more efficient. From quickly identifying which crates are in use and which are empty and how to stack and store, to the space saving versatility of nestable empty crates, its plain to see why these hygienic and durable plastic boxes are becoming so widely used.”

Unlike bale arm crates, there are no moving parts to fold or break. The design eliminates the problem of damaging the contents of the crate by accidentally not folding a bale over, also streamlining handling time.

These crates are commonly used in the handling and transportation of delicate produce including cherry tomatoes, strawberries, aubergines and peaches as well as meat and poultry because of their sturdy shape and protective qualities. The crates have smooth and straight walls for optimum internal capacity and ease of cleaning. With a strong one-piece design, the bi-colour boxes are available in a ventilated or closed format and in different heights (from 123mm-245mm, and 600mm length by 400mm width). Identification is made easier still with the option of logo printing on orders over 500 units, or the use of a stippled label strip.

Two-Colour Crates Make Stacking and Storing Easier Than Ever

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