What are plastic pallets used for?

Plastic pallet uses

In a recent article we talked about 10 interesting ways to use plastic pallets, but here we will explore some of the more usual ways our customers are using their plastic pallets.

When is a pallet not a pallet?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that every plastic pallet is ‘the same’. Because the uses for plastic pallets are all so incredibly varied, every pallet is completely different in order for it to fit the application.

Some are hygienic, some are super lightweight and others are easily stacked and nested and then there are those that have been specifically designed to work on automated lines to streamline production. The applications are endless, but here are a few plastic pallet uses that we find our customers enquiring about everyday.

Plastic pallets for point of sale displays

We’ve all been there. Stood in line for the supermarket checkout when a product display catches our eye. What you probably won’t have noticed, is the plastic pallet that this point of sale display is sitting on.

This type of pallets, otherwise known as ‘display pallets’ take the product from the warehouse, straight to the shop floor. No need for unpacking, sorting etc; they are ready to go.

Our POS plastic pallets come in a range of styles and sizes. The Cabka IPS Nest M1 4F is a unique 1/8 Euro pallet (400x300x140mm) which makes it ideal for displays where use of space needs to be optimised. Display units can be easily fixed into the pallet’s special locking points. They are also nestable, which makes them a cost saving alternative from other returnable transit packaging when being returned ready for reuse, as nested pallet stacks can often contain 50 pallets

The Cabka IPS CPP 090 PE 4F is a one quarter Euro plastic pallet 600 x 400mm that can also be used for point of sale displays or carrying smaller high value loads where a pallet aids handling or product protection in distribution.

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Plastic pallets for automotive part distribution

When it comes to the storage and distribution of automotive parts, our range of plastic pallets and plastic boxes work together to provide a seamless logistics solution.

Also where anti static and ESD need to be considered for the transportation of  circuit boards and computer chips in order to avoid ‘frying’ components, our ESD plastic pallets are designed with dissipative properties to ensure controlled discharge and have a resistance in the range 104 – 1011 Ohms.

The APB 1208 Pool Open and Closed Euro plastic pallets work with our range of KLT automotive plastic boxes to store and distribute automotive parts across Europe.

The CabCube 1210 9F 2.0 is a plastic pallet sleeve pack, which is extremely robust with a unique injection moulded closed pallet base and lid for supreme strength and high product protection

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Plastic pallets for drinks distribution

When it comes to the distribution and storage of drinks, we are your beverage plastic pallet specialists.

With sole UK distribution rights to a number of specialist beverage pallets, designed by our manufacturing partner CABKA_IPS, we can help drinks manufacturers be more sustainable whilst also speeding up production.

The BPPI9 beverage pool pallet replaced the use of wooden pallets by Heineken, Bavaria, Grolsch, ABInbev and Vrumona to ship a variety of beverage products to retail outlets. BPPI9 beverage pool pallet is a more durable, hygienic and long-life alternative to the wooden pallets being used in the distribution of drinks.

Working with Cabka IPS, we also developed a customised ‘Keg Pallet’ solution for Heineken. They were using wooden pallets to transport their 50 litre kegs around the Netherlands. After several issues, with their old wood pallets being easily damaged and breaking within the handling and automation systems causing time consuming and costly stoppages to the production line, they decided enough was enough. And so the Keg S9 OD-6R was born. The plastic pallet features eight specially designed location profiles that keep the 50 litre kegs securely in position throughout the whole supply chain.

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Plastic pallets for food distribution

As we get closer to Christmas, we can’t help but turn our attention to all of the seasonal delights that will adorn our tables and line our tummies. This is where plastic pallets come in.

Our range of food and agriculture plastic pallets have been working tirelessly throughout the Global Pandemic to ensure that there is food on the shelves.

Whether it’s mince pies or Christmas puddings that we are now craving to get us through the colder months in the ‘new normal’, our plastic pallets working in food logistics are heavy duty, and designed for high-repeat use. Moulded to withstand rigorous handling, minimising damage and easy to clean.

The Qpall 1210 M6R plastic pallet is being used by an international food company specialising in freshly prepared foods, for the pre-production storage of raw materials and packaging. Whereas the APB 1210 Pool Perforated 5R is an ideal, heavy duty solution for use through the logistics process. From supplier to the retail distribution centre and into the store for retail, creating the complete logistics loop solution in one pallet.

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Plastic pallets for Pharmaceutical distribution

We have been working with the pharmaceutical industry supplying hygienic plastic pallets for over 20 years.

With stringent regulations in place for the transportation of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, our plastic pallets are made from the highest-grade HDPE plastic. Our plastic pallets are used in several aspects of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry including the highly controlled ‘cleanroom’, production line and finally for finished product distribution.

The APB 1210 Pool Closed 5R Black plastic pallet is used by one of the UK’s top biopharmaceutical companies. They produce vaccines and medicines that prevent and treat diseases, so pretty relevant right now. The APB 1210 Pool Closed plastic pallet 5R is used in both post and pre-production storage. Strong, long lasting, repeat use; an essential plastic pallet.

3) Plastic pallets have considerable benefits over wooden pallets in pharmaceutical packing environments.

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