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The Christmas (and Brexit) Countdown has started!

Somehow it is now December! We are gearing up for a busy month ahead and (not to mention, but we had to) New Year.

With Brexit looming, we have had a lot of enquiries and orders from companies who are looking to make the switch from wooden pallets to plastic pallets in order to ensure that their supply chain is not going to be interrupted by the UK’s exit from Europe.

As if Brexit wasn’t enough, there is also a wood shortage, which has had a knock on effect for wooden pallet supply and demand.

As we’ve said, we know that it is a daunting prospect but this is what we have been helping our customers do for 20 years.


We have helped a huge range of different companies across all industries to make the switch from wooden pallets to plastic.

SF 1210 NL 9F

A UK based logistics company switched to plastic pallets to aid with the export of clothes to the USA for a multi-million pound online fashion retailer. They are using the SF 1210 NL 9F, which is nestable, lightweight and strong with the option to clip on 3 runners.

Qpall 1208 HR 5R

A little more relevant to the current global situation, we have been working with a pharmaceutical company who will be using one of the Qpall 1208 HR 5R plastic pallets to ship a vaccine to the UK. This is a heavy duty, strong, Euro plastic pallet.

APB 1210 Pool Closed 5R

Thought that all plastic pallets were black? Think again. This particular food distribution company switched to plastic pallets and had them customised in purple for easy identification. The APB 1210 Pool Closed 5R is a very strong, hygienic and long lasting pallet, suitable for repeated use.

1208 Pallet Collar

Combining the 1208 Pallet Collar with the APB 1208 Pool Closed 3R our client now has the perfect solution to the safe transportation of automotive components. The 1208 Pallet Collar provides a simple, cost effective means of producing a reconfigurable plastic pallet box.


Want to discuss your specific requirements? Our expert team can help find the right plastic pallet, pallet box or container for your application – and if we don’t stock it, we’ll get it made! Click here to request a quote online or call us on +44 (0)1323 744057.