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Biennial recycling scheme stats reinforce the longevity of plastic pallets

Two years after launching its pioneering plastic pallet recycling scheme, – The Responsible Plastic Pallet Company has revealed some interesting statistics that reinforce the longevity of its recyclable plastic pallets!

Since launching the scheme in February 2019, has received tremendous support and praise from its customers for being the first plastic pallet supplier to act on recycling unused and retired plastic pallets and boxes. Yet uptake to the scheme remains relatively low, at just 0.56% of the company’s customer base.

Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of, said:

“The fact that uptake has been fairly low to date is a clear sign of the durability and long lifespan of our plastic pallets and boxes. When customers buy our heavy-duty plastic pallets for instance, they know they’re investing in a reliable product – one that will withstand the harshest working environments and last up to 10 times longer than a wooden pallet.

“Despite the tremendously challenging year we’ve all had, we’ve upheld our Responsibility Policy and not lost sight of our recycling goals. In November we widened our recycling scheme to take back and recycle any plastic pallets and boxes regardless of who supplied them – making it accessible to all pallet users. With this in mind we’ve set an ambitious recycling target for 2021 of more than 260 tonnes of plastic waste.

“We appreciate we have some way to go with increasing uptake to our scheme, but we’re proud of the progress we’ve made in just two years. Stopping expired plastic pallets and boxes going to landfill – or worse littering our countryside and oceans, is something we’re very passionate about. With our customers support we will continue to lead the way in this and driving further towards a circular economy.”

So, what has achieved in the last two years?

In total the UK’s leading plastic pallet supplier has collected back and recycled more than 474 tonnes of plastic waste from customers’ used plastic pallets and boxes – that’s a total of 77 full truck loads. Each truck load sent to CABKA-IPS’ recycling facility is returned to the UK with a full truck load of newly recycled plastic pallets and boxes – ready to support a new application.

To put this figure into perspective, 474 tonnes of plastic could make 22,652 heavy duty 1210 pool pallets or a mighty 76,669 nestable 1210 pallets!

Find out how you can sign up to the company’s recycling scheme.

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