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Our range of Folding Large Containers just got larger – but are still optimising your valuable space!

Folding large containers (FLCs) are designed to optimise your supply chain; protecting the cargo they are carrying, saving space and reducing transportation costs by folding flat when empty.


Large folding containers have been historically used in the Automotive industry for the distribution of JIT parts but their popularity and use has spiralled across many sectors.

Their efficiency and space saving benefits are widely recognised and their use has been adopted in both SME and FTSE 100 companies.

Our clients are using the FLCs for:
– Recycling and return of products
– Storage and transportation of granular and powdered food ingredients (using a liner)
– Stock of oversized items deliveries to DIY and retail stores
– Storage of cables for temporary lighting and power installations
– Train & engineering component distribution
– Collection of bulk parcels from clients for return to parcel carriers hub


– Sturdy, durable and easy to erect and fold flat
– Can be stacked when fully loaded
– Long lasting even in demanding environments
– Large internal capacity
– Space saving, folding down to 30% of normal height
– Optimised space utilisation in transport when full and empty
– Available in various footprint and sleeve configurations

plastic box truck loads

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Bulk handling made simple!

Meet the Folding Large Containers doing the heavy lifting.

GoFLC 960

FLC 960
Size: 1200mm x 800mm
Height: 960mm
Volume: 625 litres
Collapsed Height: 354mm
Weight: 65kg

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GoFLC 980

Size: 1200mm x 1000mm
Height: 980mm
Volume: 847 litres
Collapsed Height: 317mm
Weight: 69kg

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CabCube 2.0

CabCube 2.0
Size: 1200mm x 1000mm
Height: 990mm
Volume: 875 litres
Collapsed Height: 222mm
Weight: 39kg

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