Blog Latest News and Q-Pall Team-Up to Launch New Heavy Duty Pallet in the UK, the responsible plastic pallet company, has expanded its portfolio of robust pallets with the exclusive addition of the Qpall 1212 HR 6R V2 to the UK market.

This heavy duty, open deck plastic pallet – manufactured by Netherlands-based Q-Pall – has been specifically designed to handle large amounts of materials and ingredients for manufacturers and other industries, including those transporting and storing chemical drums and bulk bags.

Boasting a high rack load of 1,375kg and constructed from 100% recycled polypropylene, the Qpall 1212 HR 6R V2 is not only strong but also a green choice for those businesses committed to establishing sustainable supply chains. The pallet, which measures 1200mm x 1200 mm x 165mm, is an enhanced version of the original Qpall 1212 HR 6R. With a static load of 7,500kg and a dynamic load of 2,000kg, it is highly reliable option for heavy duty applications.

The design of the Qpall 1212 HR 6R V2 has been optimised to seamlessly integrate with a wide number of automation systems across the supply chain, including sophisticated ASRS shuttle-based systems. Its six wide runners work perfectly with many roller systems, reducing inefficiencies and increasing productivity. In addition, a closed deck version is also available to cater to specific business needs.

The launch of the Qpall 1212 HR 6R V2 provides increased choice and flexibility to logistics and warehousing professionals. This new addition not only expands’s growing range, but also further cements the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality, sustainable solutions for every kind of pallet application.

Steve Penney, UK Key Account Sales Manager, commented: “The launch of the Qpall 1212 HR 6R V2 is an exciting development for Our aim has always been to provide the very best and the most sustainable products to our customers, and this new pallet is a testament to that commitment. This is an excellent heavy duty pallet that businesses can rely upon for many, many years.”

Sabine Oudshoorn, Business Development Manager from Q-Pall, added: “We are pleased to be working with to bring the Qpall 1212 HR 6R V2 to the UK market. The industry-leading pallet can also be personalised to fit different requirements. This includes a closed deck option, another model featuring three runners, and one that is made from virgin plastic. We can also adjust the upper deck lip configuration to fit certain products, such as barrels. If you have a specific enquiry, speak to the team at”

For more information about the Qpall 1212 HR 6R V2, call our sales team on 01323 744057 or email us at