Latest News goes from strength to strength – The Responsible Plastic Pallet Company is going from strength to strength following another tremendous year of business.

The plastic pallet expert’s financial year runs from 1st June – 31st May, and at the end of last month, the company revealed that it had grown by 23%. It was also the eighth successive year that had increased its turnover, almost doubling since 2014.

Despite the ever-changing challenges of the past 12 months, this impressive growth marks another positive step in’s ongoing success story.

As the company enters its new financial year, Managing Director Jim Hardisty reflects on what has been another excellent year for the plastic pallet experts.

Jim Hardisty of

Jim Hardisty said, “Despite the lingering challenges caused by the pandemic over the last year, I am absolutely delighted with our performance. We managed to exceed our goals and help even more businesses realise the benefits of plastic returnable transit packaging.

“We have a very talented team of experts here at Their passion, resilience, and dedication for helping our customers has always been exemplary. Our manufacturing partners have played an important role in our growth by ensuring we are always fully stocked and able to meet our customers’ critical supply chain needs. A special mention also goes to our customers for their ongoing support because none of this would have been possible without them.”

Over the next 12 months, is aiming to help even customers make the switch to plastic pallets while increasing the number of products made from recycled materials and continuing to responsibly recycle plastic pallets once they have come to the end of their use.

Jim continued, “As we look ahead, we will see an even greater demand for plastic returnable transit packaging. We are excited to help more businesses make the switch to plastic pallets, boxes, and containers so they can experience the reliability, increased operational efficiency, and longevity of our outstanding products.

“We will continue to lead the way in creating sustainable supply chains by working with our manufacturing partners to offer more products made entirely from recycled material. Plus, once our products have come to the end of their long working life, we will recycle them responsibly to create the next wave of recycled plastic pallets.”

If you’d like to see how can help your business get in touch with one of the plastic pallet experts on 01323 744057 or via email