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Reasons to switch from wooden pallets to plastic pallets

We are on a mission to create sustainable and environmentally conscious supply chains.

93% of the plastic pallets that we produce are made from recycled plastic and we recycled all of our products at the end of their long lives.

Plastic pallets are the smarter choice when it comes to your logistics requirements. Long lasting, highly durable and impervious to moisture, as well as being up to 20% cheaper than wooden pallets!

But what are the other reasons to switch to our plastic pallets?

Watch the video below!

The Benefits of Plastic Pallets:

✔ Long lasting & durable
✔ Easy to wash and keep clean
✔ Impervious to moisture, keeps product clean and dry
✔ Environmentally friendly made from recycled plastic
✔ Up to 20% cheaper than wooden pallets
✔ Space saving when stacked
✔ ISPM15 exempt
✔ Available for immediate delivery