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Plastic Pallet Product Focus: APB 1210 Pool 5R

The APB 1210 Pool 5R Pallet is one of the most popular pallets in our range; used across automation systems to efficiently keep supply chains moving whilst it can also generating income!
What more could you want?


APB 1210 Pool Pallet

The APB 1210 Pool Pallet in Action!

Case Study: Bright orange plastic pallets

We supplied 36,000 of our APB 1210 Pool plastic pallets to a popular supermarket chain.

The plastic pallets are bright orange, to match that of the store’s branding. This ensures that each pallet is clearly identified.

The APB 1210 Pool pallets work extremely well for them; not only because of their superior strength and quality but because they offer the pallet for “rental” to their chilled and fresh produce suppliers on a trip basis or “pay as you use”.

The result? The plastic pallets paid for themselves in the first 6 months.

Case Study: Easy identification in automation

Working with a major high street retailer, we supplied 24,000 APB 1210 Pool pallets made from recycled materials, which have vastly improved the efficiency of their Knapp automated storage and retrieval system at their distribution centre.

The distribution centre is key to fulfilling all online orders as well as lining the shelves of their 300+ stores.

Each pallet has four bar code labels, one on each side of the pallet, which allows for easy identification.

The result? 5 years on, everything works as if it were day one. The colour of the pallet ensures that it can also be “seen and read” quickly and easily by the sensors inherent in the automation so minimising intervention by system operators when the pallets are in use.

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