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The benefits of switching to plastic pallets are clear!

Plastic pallets are much stronger and more reliable than their weaker wooden counterparts. A wooden pallet, on average, lasts for 11 trips, whereas a reusable plastic pallet can last up to 10 times longer.

It can be tricky to know which plastic pallet is suitable for your application. But as the UK’s leading independent supplier of plastic pallets, pallet boxes, and smaller containers, we are experts at matching the perfect product to your needs.

We have pallets and sleeve packs perfect for various applications…

Perfect for heavy loads



Our Qpall 1210 HR 5R is the perfect heavy-duty plastic pallet for repeatedly storing and moving heavy loads across all industries.

Its open, full perimeter deck offers incredible load capacities while offering ventilation and drainage. The pallet’s design and manufacturing process mean it maintains 100% dimensional accuracy, perfect for automated storage and retrieval and conveyor systems.


Perfect for exports



Our Cabka 790 PE 9F is the ideal solution for picking, packing and dispatching goods – all on the same pallet.

Its offset lattice on the upper deck offers a robust and reliable loading platform, while its nestable design allows for neat stacking and considerable space-saving when not in use. It is also exempt from ISPM 15, making it ideal for importing and exporting goods throughout Europe.


Perfect for automation



Our APB 1210 Pool Open 5R Black has a proven track record in all types of automated handling scenarios, including retail, food production, and manufacturing, with minimal deflection under load.

Designed for heavy-duty and high-repeat use, this pallet is available with an open deck on 5 runners, and comes on a footprint of 1200mm x 1000mm.


Perfect for protecting goods



Our CabCube® 1210 9F 2.0 is an extremely robust automotive sleeve pack with a unique, injection-moulded closed base and lid for supreme strength.

This sleeve pack is up to 20kg lighter than traditional thick sided folding pallet boxes and comes on a footprint of 1210mm x 1010mm. The base is a closed deck on 9 feet and features deep recesses for the sleeve to slot into for quick installation and secure loading.