Latest News Sustainability & Responsibility News encourages more customers to ‘go circular’ by widening recycling scheme – The Responsible Plastic Pallet Company – has been a driving force in the UK plastic pallet market for almost 20 years and a leading voice on plastics recycling and sustainability.

Since launching the industry’s first plastic pallet recycling scheme in February 2019, has gained support from customers nationwide, allowing the company to recycle more than 420 tonnes of plastic waste from customers used plastic pallets and boxes.

Now, is encouraging even more customers to ‘go circular’ by widening its pioneering recycling scheme; to take back and recycle any plastic pallets and boxes regardless of who supplied them!

Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of, said: “Taking responsibility for the plastic pallets and boxes we supply is a fundamental part of our Responsibility Policy and one of our core values; we promise our customers that when they buy from us, we will collect and recycle each and every plastic pallet and box we supply at the end of their long working life, or when they no longer have need for them.

“But we’ve come across customers who have old plastic pallets and boxes from other suppliers laying around their warehouse or taking up space in their factory, which they have no need for, but no easy way to dispose of them, as they were never offered the option to join a recycling scheme when they bought the products.

“This is why we’ve decided to take more responsibility, where others are not, and widen our recycling scheme. You could say we’re on a mission to clean up the nation of old or unused plastic pallets and boxes. Customers currently signed up to our plastic pallet recycling scheme benefit in two ways; they get to further their commitment to reducing plastic waste, but as used plastic pallets and boxes have an inherent value, they very often get a return in rebate too.

“To put our offering into perspective, the 420+ tonnes of plastic we have recycled to date is enough material to make more than 76,000 of our popular Cabka-IPS 110 PR nestable plastic pallets. It’s an achievement we are immensely proud of, particularly given the challenging times we are facing.” stocks the UK’s largest range of long-life, reusable plastic pallets and pallet boxes which are all 100% recyclable at the end of their life cycle. An impressive 96% of these products are also made entirely from recycled material too.

To find out how you can sign up to the company’s recycling scheme, visit: /recycling

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